2 thoughts on “Visit Our New Warehouse Located In New Jersey

  1. David C says:

    I recently purchased a Leo-Nara washable hose and it stated 1time use, can i continue to use the hose after i use it, After all, it is plastic and it says washable, so why discard it when it still works, plus i payed $7.00 for it. Please let me know?

    David C

    • ROBERT SAIKALY says:

      Yes David C., you can use it. We recommend 30-90 day usage, as long as you maintain the hose and take care of it it can last you up to 9 month. Enjoy, and you’ve made the right choice in selecting a Leo-nara product. And we thank you for purchasing our product, and would like to extend our gratitude by send you a free Leo-Nara 50 count bag of our Hookah Mouth Tips.

      Sincerely Robert S, Founder & Owner of Leo-Nara.

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