Mya Chic Hookah

Mya Chic Hookah – Bohemian 1 Hose

The Mya Chic is a beautifully designed, mouth-blown Bohemian glass hookah. Available in 10 brilliant colors. This is a great addition to your hookah collection. Extremely easy to assemble, clean and transport. While the hookah is small in size, it produces big clouds like any other of the high quality Mya Saray Hookahs. Buy directly from us for super fast delivery and superior customer service.

Included you will find:
The Mya Chic Bohemian Glass Base
Solid Brass Stem
Matching Leather Hose
Matching Hookah Tobacco Bowl
Hookah Tray

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The Chic Bohemian Hookah features state of the art design and mouth blown bohemian hookah glass. This bohemian hookah is portable for parties and travel. These Chic Bohemian Hookahs come with solid brass stem and can be converted to multiple hoses by utilizing stem adaptors that contain the auto-seal system, which eliminates the need for rubber stoppers or flip caps when there are multiple users. Buy bohemian hookahs here in our online hookah store. This bohemian hookah comes with black hard case, tongs and matching leather hose for your pleasure. Choose from a variety of colors (HEIGHT 14”).


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