Mya Saray Astra Hookah V-246

Mya Astra Hookah and Review

The Astra hookah stands at an amazing 27” tall, which towers over many of the shorter hookahs. If you like high attention grabbing hookah pieces, this would be a great one to add to the collection. Comes with high a quality, mouth blown Mya Hookah classic glass base. The Mya Astra hookah stem is a tall piece made of aluminum. You can make your Mya Astra hookah operate with 1 hose or up to 4 hoses by using the Mya hose adaptor. Each hose works off of a separate valve so you and your friends can all smoke hookah at the same time together! There’s no better feeling than getting a group of your closest friends together around the hookah. The Mya Astra comes with a matching hookah hose and will be delivered to you in a colored MYA designer box.


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This new MYA Astra Hookah is made with classic MYA Glass. The Astra is durable and high quality with a sleek modern look. Comes with an aluminum stem and can function with 1,2,3 or 4 hoses. Also comes with matching hose and in a colored MYA box. (Height “27). Check out an astra video review below!



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