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We are direct Hookah Wholesale and Charcoal Distributors. The popularity and growth of “hookah smoking” has taken off in the United States and the market is sizzling hot!! There has never been a better time to cash in on America’s hottest new trend!!


With the largest variety of hookah wholesale products available, Leo-Nara has established itself as the highest quality wholesaler of hookah and Charcoal products. You are dealing directly with the source and there are no “middle-men” in our hookah distribution operations. For the past eight years, we have been servicing and wholesaling to hundreds of wholesalers, all across the U.S. We pride ourselves as being a one stop shop for all your wholesale hookah and charcoal needs.


We take our business very seriously and we have a vested interest in our customer’s success. That is why we only carry products designed for the hookah, such as our Leo-Nara Natural Coconut Charcoal and Leo-Nara Washable Hookah Hose. With superior quality and amazing functionality, you will see why Leo-Nara can help make you more money than any other wholesaler of hookah and Charcoal products.We have years of experience in helping our customers develop marketing campaigns, advertise, and manage their hookah and charcoal operations. We are here to serve your each and every need because your success is our success.

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